About Us!

 Desired by Miss Soul Passion Love herself Founded in 2017 by Alexia D Mowatt, SPLEyeLashStash/ VLS revolutionized the World of false lashes by creating all types of versatile minks. Before discovering her mink styles, glam squads that wanted a ultra glam lash look had to stack multiple strips of lashes from their local beauty supply but with just a little time and effort she knew something had to be changed. Very much determined to create lashes that were dramatic in just one strip that will have everyone looking your way and that were comfortable enough for all day wear, The Versatile Lash Stash was born.

 Our exclusive Lash collection now include FAUX Mink and Silk Human hair lashes. Our bands are almost impossible to detect, and our revolutionary Silk Human Hair fibers mimic the luxurious look of your actual lash, while being 100% cruelty free.

 Flawlessness, Beauty, Quality, Glamour, Versatility and not to forget Style are promises VLS will always deliver. Go ahead, try a pair of our VLS lashes for yourself and get hooked on a different type of glam forever!